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1. Curriculum
2. Class offered & School hours
3. Admission
4. Admission Form
5. School Fees

1. Curriculum

1. Educational games
2. Action songs, body movement and Rhythm
3. Physical Education
4. Language Development (English, Cantonese), Nepali/Urdu (Optional)
5. Arts and Craft (drawing, painting, cutting, pasting and molding)
6. Music
7. Free play
8. Early Mathematics
9. General Knowledge
10. Computer Learning

2. Class offered

K1: 2.8 - 3.5 years old
K2: 4 - 5 years old
K3: 5 - 6.5 years old

School hours

morning session: 9am - 12noon
afternoon session: 1pm - 4pm

3. Admission 

For admission details, please contact us or visit us by:

Tel: 2479 6867
Fax: 3147 0445

Flat B,C,D, 1/F, Wah Kin Bldg, Kau Yuk Road, Tat Fai Path, Yuen Long, N.T.

Email: / 

4. Admission Form (Applicants must be born on or before 31 Dec 2014)

      Things you needed to do before admission.
        (a)    Fill in the application form downloaded from here 
                 MS Word file: pristine_admis_2010.doc  or
                 PDF File: pristine_admis_2010.pdf
         (b)   Bring along the following documents with you
                    (i)   HKID Card of Parents
                    (ii)  Travel Documents of both applicant(s) and parents
                           (if applicable)
                    (iii) Birth Certificate of applicant(s) 
                    (iv) Passport-size photo in uniform (1 copie) of applicants
                    (v) Address proof (eg. Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill etc)

        (a)    請填妥入學申請表
                    [下載入學申請表 :   MS Word :  pristine_admis_2010.doc or
                                                   PDF : pristine_admis_2010.pdf  ]
(b)    請帶備下列文件
                    (i)  家長身份證副本
                    (ii)  申請人及家長之旅遊證件 [如適用]
                    (iii)  申請人出生證明書
                    (iv)   申請人之相片1張 (護照尺寸及穿著整齊服裝)
                    (v)住址證明副本 (任 何電話、水費和電費帳單)


ADMISSION OPEN for 2018-2019

We are accepting applications for admission to K1 for the
  academic year 2018-2019.
  Applicants must:

     - be born on or before 31 December 2015
     - be a Hong Kong resident
  The deadline is 31 October 2017  for submitting applications
  for 2018-2019.

  Application Fee: HKD$40.00 (To be paid on the Interview Day)

  Registration Fee: HKD$500.00 (To be paid from 11 to 13 January 2018.   This payment will be either deducted from the first month (August) tuition fee or refunded in total in the last week of August 2018.)

Note: The “Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission” (2018/19 RC) must be submitted together with the Registration Fee.

Should parents wish to change to a different kindergarten after the registration process has been completed, they may contact the school office to collect back the child’s 2018/19 RC. However, please note the Registration Fee once paid will not be refunded.


Admission interviews will be conducted in the month of November. Applicants will be notified via telephone about their interview date and time.

Parents are expected to be part of the interview and the interview will largely be conducted with them. The interview will consist of three parts: Parents’ Questionnaire; Interview with the Family; and Play Observation.

RESULTS announced on 1 December 2017

Subject to seats availability, the second round of application process will begin from 15 January 2018. Interested parents may contact the school office for enquiry.

Please go to Admission Page for downloading APPLICATION FORM.

現 正接受2018-2019學 年的幼兒班入學申請。


• 於2015年 12月31日或之前出生
• 為香港居民

截 止日期2017年 10月31日

報名費:HKD $ 40.00(在面試日支付)

註冊費:HKD $ 500.00
這筆款項將會在第一個月的學費(8 ) 扣除或者退回於該月(8/2018)的最後一個星期前。)

「2018/19 幼稚園入學註冊證」(2018/19 RC)必須與註冊費一起提交。

如果家長希望在註冊過程完成後轉到另一 所幼稚 園,請聯繫校務處收集取回孩子的「2018/19幼稚園入學註冊證」(2018/19 RC)。 請注意,已支付的註冊費將不予退還。


入學面試將於11月舉行。申 請人將通過電話通知面試日期和時間。
家長將參與面試當中,面試主要是與他們一起進行。 面試將分成三 部分:家長問卷 長 面和遊戲觀察。

取錄結 果2017年11月1 日公佈。

剩餘學位申請程序將於2018年1月 15日開始。有興趣的家長可以聯繫學校辦公室查詢。

5. School Fees for 2017 - 2018

School Fees for 2017-2018 年 度雜費及校服  

Enrollment Fees
Registration Fees $500


Monthly Tuition Fee (for eligible students holding Kindergarten Registration Certificate or PEVS Certificate of Eligibility)      FREE 

                                   Textbooks, Stationery and Other Fees  (課本,文具及其他 費用)

Stationery and Miscellaneous Annual Fee




Books (First Term) 課本 (上學期)


K1: $646

K2: $573

K3: $588

Books (Second Term) 課本 (下學期)


K1: $608

K2: $592

K3: $598

EVI Internet Learning Programme 兒童教育資訊網計劃


2 pcs. USB (16 GB) Flash Drives 2支記憶棒  


   Student Name Chop 名印 (Only for New Students)


                                    Summer Uniform夏 季校服 – (Whole Set – BOY男生)


                                   Summer Uniform夏 季校服 – (Whole Set – GIRL女生)


                                       Winter Uniform冬 季校服 – (Whole Set – BOY男生)

$ 381 - $393

                                      Winter Uniform冬 季校服 – (Whole Set – GIRL女生)

$ 402 - $405




Stationery and Miscellaneous Annual Fee




Student Card


Printing (per term)


Stationery (per term)


Art Supplies (per term)



** Parents, please note that acquisition of any school items or services is entirely voluntary and parents can select individual items or services required according to their own needs.

** 家長請注意,購買任何學校物品或服務是完全自願的,家長可以根據自己的需要選擇個別的服務項目。


Cir: 16-17/15/En